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Original Dixieland Jazz Band

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The Original Dixieland Jazz Band® performs traditional Dixieland jazz, “The Music That Made New Orleans Famous”SM producing a current sound with truly authentic New Orleans music. They are the oldest Dixieland jazz band with a direct link back to 1916, securing over 98 years of tradition. The present ODJB produces a sound that is true to the original music, structure and harmony yet leap forward with innovative and creative improvised solos, in authentic jazz form. In the element of New Orleans Jazz Ambassadors they are held in the highest regard, humbly performing throughout the world to sold-out audiences. This band has earned its place in history having recorded the very first jass recordings in 1917 and securing the word “jazz” as a musical genre. They were the very first to sell over a million recordings of a new American “pop” music for dancing which they held for over six years. From 1917 until 1938, the ODJB recorded over one hundred and six sides (106!) more than fifty records and continues today with over four more full albums under the direction of the original leader’s son, Jimmy LaRocca. In naming only a few, they have performed to sold-out venues in Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Scotland and Brazil. Today, a family tradition continues, honoring jazz heritage from the one and only crescent city, New Orleans, the Big Easy! Toe tapping, hand clapping, finger snapping, happy music, the present ODJB continues to perform a famous musical style and genre that is nearing one hundred years.

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