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New Orleans
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New Board Member Appointed to Union

Hello All,

We are very proud to announce the appointment of a new board member to the AFM Local 174-496, Timothy David Ray! Timothy is a highly-educated New Orleans native whose family instilled in him a passion for service and helping others, leading him to a rich life of community and civic involvement including:

Timothy David Ray gets sworn in by Deacon John Moore on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 in the Union Rehearsal Hall

Timothy is a musician and member as well and brings a much welcome youthful passion to the Union. He will be instrumental in helping to bring in the new generation of members in addition to identifying the wants and needs of young musicians so we can continue to work in order to help meet those needs.

Timothy’s rich education has spanned multiple schools and institutions with high honors such as:

We are very excited and grateful to have Timothy onboard, and look forward to utilizing his expertise to help improve the Union!

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