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Hiring a Musician?

First of all, you have taken the right step by contacting the professionals! We, the American Federation of Musicians have been in business since 1896 and are here to help you find the musician/band that will make your event an occasion to be remembered for years to come.


Although there are several aspects to consider as far as what the musicians will charge, do know that the cost will vary and depends on several factors. Our musician’s price is based on two main things: 1) Number of Musicians and 2) Length of the Performance (usually 2, 3 or 4 hours).

Other factors will be:

Before booking a musician for your event, make sure to cover the basics from the start.

Be clear in your initial contact with the musician or group leader with as many details as possible about your event and what you are looking for.

Questions you should ask:

Information you should provide to the musician/group:

For more information, contact our office at 504.947.1700

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