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New Orleans
LOCAL 174-496


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Why Join The Union?

Musicians in Louisiana have long represented the heartbeat of the state’s cultural community. Yet our ability to sustain lives and careers through our art is threatened more today than ever before.

As performers in one of the most vibrant live music landscapes in the world, we face an array of obstacles to financial security and healthy work environments. As recording artists, meanwhile, we are constantly challenged to garner fair compensation amid technological developments that too often serve corporate, rather than artistic interests.

The AFM can help.

By joining the AFM, you become part of a community of 80,000 professionals who, like you, want to perform, compose and record music without having to worry about being paid fairly or treated with the dignity artists deserve.

Over the course of the last century, the union’s strength in numbers has allowed us to negotiate strong contracts, good wages, decent working conditions, access to healthcare and a secure retirement.

As the challenges we face continue to shift, we have the power as a group to organize and advocate on behalf of the welfare of our artists and their families.

For more information about the benefits of becoming a member, call our office at 504-947-1700.

Together, our voices will be heard. Don’t go it alone. Join today.

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